Saturday, 28 April 2012

Vini Centanni Wines

Vinitours is pleased to be involved with the promotion of Vini Centanni which is a small family owned wine producer situated near the beautiful village of Montefiore dell' Aso close to the Adriatic coast in the south of the Le Marche region in Italy. The artisan wine maker Vini Centanni produces wines that are typical of the southern Le Marche region and these are now proving very popular with wine enthusiasts in the UK since the first introduction of limited supplies in the winter of 2012.
The father and daughter team who run the business are totally focused on producing wines that are only made using organic methods of production, and the quality of the wines is a true reflection of the skill and passion involved in their production..

Vini Centanni produces six wines, three whites, two reds and a rosato, these include a red Rosso Piceno, a white Passerina and a white Pecorino, all wines which are typical of this area of the Le Marche region.
The producer also has introduced a new type of stopper, this is made of glass and has two primary uese, firstly glass does not allow even small amounts of oxygen to reach the wine so reduces dramatically the effects of oxidation. Secondly it can allow the wine bottles to be sealed for re use and also the possible re use of the bottles so performing a valuable role in recycling and sustainability.

From the beginning of 2012, Vinitours are now able to offer tours, visits and workshops to this wonderful small wine producer in Le Marche. Vinitours has an in depth knowledge of the region and its small artisan producers, whether for wine or for other produce such as organic olive oils and pasta.
We also hold wine tastings in London and the east of England of many of the Le Marche wines we encounter through our work throughout the region. Our Italian associates who live in different areas of the region are also instrumental in finding small artisan producers such as Vini Centanni and Vini Venturi.

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