Sunday, 8 April 2012

Azienda Vinicola Venturi

Vinicola Venturi is a small artisan wine producer which is based in the village of Castellone di Suasa in the central Le Marche region of eastern Italy. The extensive vineyards which make up this small estate are situated in this beautiful part of the Le Marche region, being only a few kilometres from the Adriatic coast and the coastal resort of Senigallia.
The idea for a commercial vineyard came after many years of wine making on a small scale by the father of the current owner. The vineyard was established in the late 1990s with the sole idea of producing superb wines which are all typical of the Le Marche region.
Working where possible using both the old established methods and the more modern techniques of production they believe that they make wines which show the true qualities and potential of the white and red wines from Le Marche.

The current producer, Roberto Venturi has recently completed an extensive upgrade and has enlarged the capacity of his vineyard in order to increase both the quantity and also improve the overall quality of his superb range of wines.
These wines include two white Verdicchio wines, a Marche bianco, Marche rosato, a Marche Sangiovese and a Rosso Piceno. He also produces two Grappa, a Grappa di Vinacce di Verdicchio and a Grappa di Vinacce di Aleatico which are much prized and quite rare.
Vinitours together with its UK based food and market company Sagraitalia can now offer tours and tastings at the Azienda, either as a stand alone visit or as part of a longer tour which can also include other wine makers in the area or even in other parts of the Le Marche region.
We can also incorporate visits and tastings to these wine makers with tours to olive oil producers, pasta and salami makers and other specialist food producers as well, each tour is completely bespoke and designed to fit the needs and requirements of the group or individuals  wishing to take part.

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